Understanding black pepper mesh – what does mesh mean and what size should I order?

The US mesh size is a standard unit of measure. This unit of measure determines the number of holes that exist in a standard US sieve. Sieving is a method that utilizes a screen to separate particles into 2 or more size fractions. The larger materials stay trapped above the screen while the smaller materials can pass through the screen.

The larger the number of holes per square inch on the screen the finer the pepper. So the larger the mesh number the finer that pepper becomes.

Here is a quick guide to understanding black pepper mesh and best applications:

60 Mesh: Extra Fine Black Pepper (Fine Ground)
This type of fine pepper is best for soups and sauces. Because the grind is so fine it imparts the greatest amount of flavor rapidly into whatever you are cooking.

20 Mesh: Table Ground Black Pepper
This is one of our most popular style of ground black pepper. This black pepper is perfect for applications when visual appeal is desired.

14 Mesh: Restaurant Style Black Pepper
This version is slightly coarser than table style black pepper. This is great in salad dressings and added on proteins before cooking.

10 Mesh: Coarse Black Pepper
This version of pepper is a great “butcher’s grind.” Use for meats or poultry on a grill or smoker. It also works well as an ingredient in spice rubs.

8 Mesh: ¼ Cracked Black Pepper
This type of pepper works well as a garnish. It can create a nice visual appeal when pepper is part of the featured ingredient such as pasta salad. It also works well as part of a rub for steaks.

6 Mesh: Whole Black Pepper
Perfect for fresh grind peppermills and also used in pickling spices and infusions.

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