Dark Meat Spice Company

About Us

Inspiration for our products come from the love and importance of family, our passion of serving others, and from the pursuit of delicious, memorable food experiences.   We are a hard-working, family owned company who try to be good citizens on this earth and to others, acknowledging that each day is truly a gift.

It’s easy to get caught up in the many competing priorities of the day, but we believe that a home-cooked family meal is good for the heart and soul. Food doesn’t have to be expensive or complex to taste delicious.  Why eat out when you can create better, healthier food at home.

In fact, this is how our spice blends came about. It was by trial and error, taste testing and feedback from our community that helped us create what we think are the perfect blends. They leave an unforgettable mark. “We’ve never tasted anything like it” – so our friends and family would say. They encouraged us to share our blends so everyone could have an opportunity to enjoy!

It took several years, but here we are – ready to share our delicious spice blends with the world. From our family to yours – may you find new joy in cooking and may your family meals be memorable.