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Spice Blend 42


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This spice blend was originally crafted for brisket, another family favorite. We also use it for our taco and pot roast meals. This flavor profile has a deep and rich flavor, with an added hint of Cumin. Its flavor profile has been described as warm, nutty, earthy and spicy. Be careful when cooking as your neighbors might be attracted to the aroma!

Hand blended with organic paprika, organic onion, organic garlic, organic coconut sugar, Kosher salt, organic black pepper , and organic cumin.

Our products are 100% organic and are Non-GMO certified.  Please be aware some clumping may occur as our blends do not contain any added fillers or anti-caking agents.

Favorite items to use this spice blend on: beef, pork, ground turkey or ground beef, avocado, tomatoes, eggs,

Use to taste. For a 10lb brisket, generously cover all areas of the brisket with a light layer of spice.

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7 reviews for Spice Blend 42

  1. Sam Melton

    I’ve used this blend for beef and it was excellent but it really shines on grilled chicken. I appreciate DM’s commitment to using the highest quality spices. I will definitely continue to use this blend.

  2. Faye Wagner

    Fast shipping, great customer service. The blends have my favorite flavors so I don’t have to keep several single spice bottles on hand. Unique flavors that make my food more fun to eat.

  3. Mira Penn

    This has been used on a variety of meats in our house and always gets rave reviews. Nice warm spice that is unique without being too overpowering. Will definitely order again!

  4. Timothy

    Phenomenal spice mix! Whether you are grilling, frying, smoking, or roasting you can’t go wrong with No. 42.

  5. jamal swann

    used this on every meat possible and loved them all. This has great flavor so do yourself a favor and just try some . I promise your meat will be the talk of the town ..Verified user!

  6. lonnygodden

    This set my chicken apart from every home remedy I have ever attempted. The flavoring went to center of the meat and stayed there !! What a perfect blend.

  7. Sidne

    We have used this multiple times now and it is always fantastic. I love the fact they are organic, and are made locally! I will definitely continue using this!

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